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The Canadian Coalition for Seniors' Mental Health (CCSMH) is hard at work ensuring that seniors' mental health is recognized as a key Canadian health and wellness issue. Working with partners across the country, the CCSMH is busy facilitating initiatives to enhance and promote seniors' mental health. Below is a listing of what's new at the CCSMH, but there are always more projects in development. Please bookmark this site and visit us frequently for updates.

What's New

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24th CAGP Annual Scientific Meeting, Vancouver, BC
Save the Date: September 30, 2015

Tools & Resources

Seniors and Family Guides – UPDATED 2015

Depression is the most common mental health problem in older adults   

CCSMH is pleased to provide access to update brochures on depression and suicide prevention. They were developed with the financial support and collaboration of the Public Health Agency of Canada and Shoppers Drug Mart.

UPDATED 2014: Assessment and Treatment of Delirium

UPDATED 2014: Assessment and Treatment of Mental Health Issues in Long-Term Care (Focus on Mood and Behaviour)

These Guideline Updates summarize significant developments in the practice since the publication of the original guidelines in 2006. Guideline Updates are authored and reviewed by experts associated with the original guideline development project. Please refer to the original guidelines for more detailed information regarding the specific practice recommendations

Canadian Geriatric Society released the Hospital Discharge Guide for Older Adults and Their Families.

LetsReachOut1010/TendezLaMain1010 - Three bilingual PSAs developed by McGill Ingram School of Nursing student teams about the issue of senior risk for depression and suicide

Let's Reach Out - Canadian Seniors 'Best Life' Melody

Let's Reach Out -
Canadian Seniors 'Best Life' Melody

Tendez la main -
Aider les aînés à rétablir l'espoir
et une vie meilleure

Community Outreach to Help Seniors at Risk

Community Outreach
to Help Seniors at Risk

Mobilisation Communautaire pour
Aider les Personnes Âgées à Risque

Let's Reach Out - TV PSA

Let's Reach Out -

Message d'Intérêt Public sur Télé -
Tendez La Main

Workshop Materials / Atelier

Tool on Pharmacological Treatment of Behavioural Symptoms of Dementia in Long Term Care Facilities for Older Adults. [pdf front | back]

The CCSMH co-authored the new Mental Health Commission of Canada Guidelines for Comprehensive Mental Health Services for Older Adults in Canada. Visit to view the interactive Guidelines or to download a PDF.


New Project Director effective September 16, 2013
We are delighted to announce Bonnie Schroeder as the new Project Director of the Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health effective September 16. We also wish to thank Kimberley Wilson for her eight years of dedicated service to the Coalition. To be in touch with Bonnie, you may contact her by email at or 613-233-1619 (home office) or 613-614-9450 (mobile).

CCSMH Receives Honourable Mention
On October 16th 2012 the CCSMH received an Honourable Mention at the Mental Health Commission of Canada's 5th Anniversary National Mental Health Awards, recognizing our work with the National Guidelines Project.

Developing Guidelines on the Assessment and Treatment of Delirium in Older Adults at the End-of-Life
Article in Canadian Geriatrics Journal, Vol 14, No 2 (2011)
View article

A Knowledge Transfer Study of the Utility of the Nova Scotia Seniors' Health Network in Implementing Seniors' Mental Health National Guidelines
Article in the Canadian Geriatrics Journal, Vol 14, No 1 (2011)
View article

New Information: Seniors, Emergencies and Disasters

[Updated August 2015]